WOD: 10-28-13

WOD:  Sally:

Back Squats (135/95)

Rest 8-10 minutes

Shoulder Press (65/35)


Bring Sally up…

If you have never heard this song before, today you are going to listen to it twice.  The lyrics are simple and the workout will be just as straightforward.  When the song calls to “Bring Sally up / Bring Sally down”, you will move the barbell up or down in rhythm with the song.  There are 30 repetitions in the lyrics and the idea is to be able to make all 3:27 seconds of the song without dropping the barbell and without missing a rep.  This is a difficult test of muscular endurance, but also one of form.  If you lack flexibility or good general positions, this workout may prove to be more enjoyable to watch than to perform.

To all paleo challenge members!  This is it!  The last hurrah!!!  You have four more days and some of you have perfect scores still.  Keep up the good work and stay strong until the end!!!

Bring Sally down,



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